Massage Services & Fees

Appointments Available  Days - Evenings - Weekends
½ hour $35 image
1 hour ... $65
1½ hour ... $85

Chair Massage:
At your location $1 per minute (also available onsite for offices, social gatherings or parties and other groups) 

Massage Gift Certificates Available!

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Massage Client Reviews

I get frequent tension build up in my neck and shoulders and I requested a massage that focused on this area. Michael was responsive and targeted my session to my needs. The massage was very therapeutic and I look forward to many more massages from Michael Dukart.
Jennifer Winegar - Business Relationship Manager, Wells Fargo Bank, Salem, OR

I started seeing Michael when my back began to hurt. Within a few sessions my back and leg pain was gone. I had also suffered with neck and shoulder pain and numbness for years as the result of an accident and had been told by Doctors that I was to lie down and rest my neck muscles for 15 minutes every two hours. Not many people have the schedule suited to that routine. I have been seeing Michael once a month for maintenance you might say, now I am free of the neck and shoulder pain that I thought would always be there. Seeing Michael has made a tremendous difference in my ability to function at work and enjoy my time with my family. I want to thank you Michael for improving the quality of my life through message therapy. I am deeply grateful not only for your skill as a therapist, but also your friendly smile and encouragement.
Terri La’Gere, Keizer, Oregon -

I have had back problems off and on, for years, but I always experience great relief at the hands of a skilled massage therapist such as Michael Dukart. His combination of techniques work perfectly to ensure that I'll have many good days ahead, and I always look forward to the important pain relief a massage session provides. I'm equally impressed with his pleasant energy and calm courtesy, which makes time spent with Michael a purely healing pleasure. (And I sleep so well after a massage!) Much more of a personal touch than the lar
Barbara Grant, Salem, Oregon -

Michael's chair massage is a WONDERFUL way to show your clients you think they are special. I know of a number of businesses who have him attend special events like grand openings and in-home parties. I've used him so many times for my Home and Garden Party events and people always love it.
Tara Kiser, Keizer, OR

I was so glad that I was able to have a massage from Michael. I am totally hooked.
Robin Morton, Salem, OR

Being a real estate broker during these economically challenging times creates a lot of stress, but the stress just floats away at the touch of Michael's hands. I feel like a million dollars after one of his massages. Treat yourself, you'll never regret it!
Peggy LeGrande, Salem, OR

Michael has been my primary massage therapist for years. I experience chronic neck stiffness that at times will stiffen to the point of immobilizing me. I have found that regular massage therapy prevents that from happening. Michael uses a variety of techniques during his sessions and I always leave an appointment improved. He is professional, courteous and just darn good! I highly recommend him.
Gloria McIntosh, Salem, Oregon

This past year I have had a great deal of stress in my life and I found it so very helpful to get massages. Michael is so professional and knowledgeable. He knew just how to work the area of tension. I felt so much better. Thanks , Michael!!
Leigh Bradstreet, Salem, OR

There is no better gift to give myself or friends and family than the gift of a massage with Michael Dukart! Every time my friends come from out of town for a visit in Salem, I treat them to a wonderful Michael Dukart massage.
Barbara Castleman, Salem, OR

I know a lot of people who go to Michael for massage, and we all feel very blessed to have him to call for relief from our aches and injuries with his wonderful massage skills. So often there is nothing that I can think of that will help me more!
Janeen Howard, Salem, OR

Our favorite gift to give each family member is a massage by Michael and we do it often! He has such a healing nurturing spirit that gets fused into his touch. We would not go to anyone else 
Roxy Sincerny -

A massage by Michael is my favorite gift to give family and friends. I've also had him come to my office and give chair massage parties. He's the best!
Katy Canales, Salem, OR